Special Study Modules (SSMs)*

Theory and Practice of Clinical hypnosis

This is a structured course which will enable students to gain experience in the practice of Clinical Hypnosis and to have an overview of its role in medicine.

Personal Development and Stress Management

This is a practical-based module which will equip the student with sufficient skills and knowledge to be able to recognise, avoid or manage stress states.

ALARRM - Enhanced study skills

Designed to improve efficiency in learning, study, retention and recall, this course utilises conscious and unconscious learning processes through the use of audios.

Learning Objectives

To provide students with sufficient skills and theoretical underpinning to induce and manage a patient in hypnosis and to comprehend the potential applications for its use in the medical setting.

Learning Objectives

Creation of a personal portfolio of change including an individual profile of change management, techniques evaluated as appropriate for use, and a schedule of planned goals.

Learning Objectives

Access data quickly and easily. Improve note-taking. Enhance review techniques. Supplement revision skills. Create efficient learning states.

*SSMs are given many different names in different universities and medical schools. Common names are Special Study Modules, Self-selected Modules, SSCs (Self-selected Components) and SCMs (Special Choice Modules). There are no doubt others.