The Clinical Hypnosis Textbook


Ursula James' Clinical Hypnosis Textbook (now in it's third edition), is the only textbook designed for Medical School Clinical Hypnosis training. and is required reading in most of the medical schools of the United Kingdom and the MSc in clinical hypnosis at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen..


This comprehensive volume demystifies the process of clinical hypnosis, and it takes the reader through the process of hypnotherapy sessions in a simple and easy to understand manner. It offers practical suggestions on identifying the best approach to take: setting objectives for therapy; constructing a session and finally evaluating the outcomes.


This edition also includes chapters from specialists in varying approaches, and encourages the reader to recognise the significance of the individual in the therapeutic process.


An excellent introduction for all health professionals, or to enhance sessions construction for experienced medical hypnosis practitioners.


The book is available from Ursula's website.


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Recommended Reading

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Useful products for students

A medical student, more than most other students, experiences a great variety of stresses and strains during their medical training period. We know. We work with these students and have been doing so for many years.


Ursula James has produced a range of hypnotherapy products that are beneficial for students (and others) in these situations:


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Ursula James also produces a free podcast of short relaxation sessions. Downloaded over 150,000 times, it is specifically targeted at first-responders and the emergency services.


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